Uncover Unknown-Unknowns

Before Overseer

It's hard to understand if your service is behaving unexpectedly in production. Problems are addressed reactively.

All of the warning signs exist in your data, but there's too much to look at.

After Overseer

We will flag service-wide behavioral changes to help you identify potential future problems...without the alert fatigue!

Just spare a few machines to your analysis pool and you're ready to go! All data stays on your premises for safety.

How It Works

Detect Faults

Catch trends, cascading effects, and other uknown-unknows.

Leverage these insights to address customer facing problems proactively or optimze your system!

Clean Alerts

Our proprietary algorithms will detect emergent behavior across a group of metrics.

This approach generates cleaner signals and mitigates alert fatigue.

Compound Statements

Take our signals and combine them with other conditions to refine the alerts you get.

Want to suppress alerts during a planned event? No problem!


We can integrate with your favorite tools for notification!