Reduce MTTR by up to 10x

Before Overseer

During an incident, you will have to dig through an endless stream of data (metrics, logs, exceptions) looking for the clues in the red boxes.

If you have a distributed system and collect lots of data, this process is grueling and painful.

After Overseer

We rank all of your data points, so that the important clues appear near the top. This will enable you to diagnose the problem more quickly.

Just spare a few machines to your analysis pool and you're ready to go! All data stays on your premises for safety.

How it works


We ingest data from monitoring products you use. With plugins for all the popular monitoring products, we've got you covered!

Machine Learning

We use machine learning to automate the data correlation process and model your system's behavior.

Actionable Insights

In the face of an incident, we will use our understanding of your system to make recommendations.

We will provide a probabilistic ranking on all your metrics across all the monitoring products that you use.

This will reduce the amount of data you need to look at by over 90% and help you root cause faster!